Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why it's free?
This service aims to provide good contractors with qualified potential customers. For this reason, the costs of running this platform fall on them and not on you. Because those costs are low, and because contractors need to remain competitive to win your business, the quotes you receive are never inflated.
2. How many contractors will receive my personal information?
We send your request to contractors in your region and you can receive up to 4 quotes.
3. How long it take before I be in touch?
As soon as your request is sent, we will forward it to the contractors, who will in turn contact you as soon as possible.
4. Is my information protected?
All information that is submitted to us is encrypted by our secure platform and remains protected throughout the process. Only contractors that call you for a bid will receive your information.
5. What informations is validate ?
We validate all the following information with regards to the contractors we refer: RBQ licence, tax account, customer protection office records, and liability insurance.
6. Did I get a better price?
Contractors know that they are competing with 3 other bidders, but do not know who they are, ensuring you get their best offer
7. Est-ce que je dois faire affaire avec un des entrepreneurs qui me contactent?
You are not obligated to do business with one of the proposed contractors. Nonetheless, it's important you know that they have all been carefully selected and vetted.
9. How I can give a feedback?
An email will be sent to you shortly after your request is submitted to allow us to gather your feedback on the contractors you met and know if you have chosen one of their quotes.

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It's Free ? This service aims to provide submissions to entrepreneurs. It is them, not you assume that the costs related to the platform. Prices are low, there will be no impact on the price of the bids you receive as seen on other platforms.


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