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It's free ?This service aims to provide submissions to entrepreneurs. It is them, not you assume that the costs related to the platform. Prices are low, there will be no impact on the price of the bids you receive as seen on other platforms.


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It's free

Find a roofer for your roofing project absolutely free.

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Our platform protects your information throughout the process. Only companies that accept your project will receive your information.


You have only one request to make to receive submissions quickly


Our roofers partners are checked before being registered.

About Click-Roofing

Click-Roofing is a platform that facilitates contact between you and roofers. Our platform is easy to use. It allows to receive submissions quickly and all in one application.
Click-Roofing allows you to receive bids from contractors specialists roof.
Click-Roofing is free and without obligation.